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Successful Corporate Fundraising – Your Table is Ready

Delight fundraising guests with online tabled-seating.

Reserve Your Corporate Fundraising Table

Brightwater Care Group’s ‘Perth’s Longest Lunch’ hosted a successful corporate fundraiser and networking event by giving their hosts and guests an excellent online table management experience.

The fundraising event allowed corporate sponsors to self-manage purchased tables. The fundraiser was a private and corporate networking event that raised funds forBrightwater Care Group’s Family Connections program.

The Best Table in the House

Giving the corporate sponsors control to manage their table was instrumental in Brightwater’s successful corporate fundraising.  Perth’s Longest Lunch was built on Foote Francis’ F2 Sellout table management system functions.

As the organiser, Brightwater selected the F2 Sellout table management module of the F2 Ptlatfform software suite. The corporate sponsors had the option to invite hosts or guests at the table to:

  • Invite their own guests onto tables of any size;
  • Have their seats paid by the corporate table owner or pay for their own seats as a fundraising gift;
  • Include a private message to an individual with the invite;
  • Customise the names in the seating chart.

Sit at My Table

Corporate sponsors and major fundraisers acted as guests, using F2 Sellout’s online system with options to:

  • Purchase a table at the fundraiser;
  • Invite guests to the table;
  • Custom corporate co-branded email invites;
  • Assign and change seating for guests;
  • Reserve additional seats as needed.

A Table with a View (to the Future)

Brightwater not only wanted to host a corporate networking event, they wanted to amplify the corporate sponsors’ relationships with their guests. The online F2 Sellout system strengthened the shared relationships between corporate fundraisers, their guests and the event by:

  • Co-branding invites, RSVP pages, and ticketing;
  • Identifying corporate hosts in seating charts and name place cards;
  • Helping the fundraiser track the guests by relationships to their host;
  • Allowing guests to choose menu items and wines prior to attending.

Come Back and Join Me Again

The F2 Sellout module helps fundraisers maintain successful, long-term relationships by:

  • Maintaining co-branded communications before and after the event;
  • Keeping track of relationships between hosts and guests;
  • Reducing attrition rate by helping hosts and guests reconnect at future events;
  • Helping organisers extend future invitations based on the guests’ previous preferences;
  • Leverage corporate sponsorships and build your donors relationships with F2 Sellout’s managed table functions.

About Perth’s Longest Lunch

Perth’s Longest Lunch is an annual fundraising event organised by Brightwater for their Family Connections program. Brightwater provides care services including at home care for aged or disabled around Perth.

The Family Connections program assists residents receiving care and their families living out of the area. Funds assist families with an interstate trip, accommodation in Perth or the purchase of an iPad for keeping in contact with family living overseas.

Manage Tables at Your Corporate Fundraiser

Please contact Belinda at Foote Francis to tell us about your project. Let us show you how you can meet or exceed your corporate fundraising campaign targets.

Please contact us to organise a demonstration.

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