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Izzy Canonigo

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Boston Brewery

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Kym Eaton


Kym is responsible for the provision of sales and marketing support to the F2 team, including the coordination of regular communications, case studies and newsletters, developing surveys and undertaking client and market research, as well as the coordination and delivery of ongoing events, strategies and materials. 

Friday, 09 October 2015 01:53

Testimony: Accounting for Your Time

Joey from Kilikanoon saves time by connecting many business systems

joey baker  


Joey Baker, General Manager – Wine Clubs at Kilikanoon
“Working with F2 was a joint venture rather than a customer-supplier relationship.”

  • 70%-80% reduction in the staffs’ time spent handling data after F2 Platfform was installed
  • 99% of the wineries administrative work is now handled inside F2 Platfform and the connections to third-party systems

Drinking It or Working in It

Kilikanoon in South Australia brought Joey Baker in just over 3 and a half years ago. She knows wines and the Kilikanoon brand. Joey has been in various segments of the wine industry for just over 20 years. Her career has spanned Australia, the UK and the US. She quips, “I’ve either been drinking it or working in it.”

Data Growing Faster than Good Grapes

Kilikanoon has several properties located near the Clare Valley north of Adelaide in South Australia. The soils are great for growing quality grapes. However, the growth can be an issue. When the wine club quickly reached over 4000 members,syncingwith the MYOB accounting data became a 6-hour overnight process.

Hand-crafted Versus Manual Handling

Joey found that her three carefully hand-crafted wine club campaigns each season were yielding manual handling in excess of her time.She was working with external calls through Cellar Force (marketing service), and later through Langton’s Fine Wines.

Her small Kilikanoon team wasforced to print the campaign reports and type the updates into a MYOB customer data add-on. The team again manually typed the delivery information into the Australian Post system.


A Custom Blend of Data into Business

The Kilikanoon team needed a change. Joey spent several months researching a reliable solution for the growing amount of data. She wanted to know how much she had sold – and who bought it without using hours of staff time performing exports and imports.

F2 Platfform in a Bottle

F2 Platfform is a flexible, scalable suite of modules used to connect to and manage web-based business data. When the F2 Platfform system is fully integrated, data can be shared between the website and third-party systems – without rekeying or manually importing files.

Kilikanoon turned to F2 Platfform to produce a business solution.Joey wanted to access all of the data from one place. The system needed to work as a whole, not create several new administrative tasks. F2 moved and connected multiple pieces of the business:

  • MYOB Accounting Edge (the bookkeeping, inventory, sales)
  • F2 SignUpand Membership module(running seven different wine clubs for Kilikanoon)
  • Langton’sfine wine sales (a specialty wine market)
  • Triniteq Point-Of-Sale (retail / in-store sales processing)
  • Australian Post (shipping information)

The wine club Membership module delivers the bulk processing, packing and logistics functions when used in combination with F2 SignUp. And, the cork in the bottle is the integration of the in-store sales, gift vouchers and wine club member lookups. F2 setup the in-person data from the cellar door is shared between the F2 CRM and the dedicated TriniteqPOS.


The Terroir of a Relationship

Joey looks back on the process and adds that Hayden and Belinda were always available to work through business questions and system functions that Joey didn’t understand.

She is impressed with the future F2 Platfform possibilities. She is even more impressed with the 70%-80% reduction in the time spent handling data now that the F2 integration is live. 99% of the wine club’s administrative work is now automatically handled inside F2 Platfform.

The change has given her the time to  build real relationships with her customers. The F2 Platfform helps her drill down and understand her customer’s habits. She’s now has the time and the tools to connect with her wine club customers in a personal way.

Contact Belinda or Hayden to find out how great team work and the F2 Platfform tools can extend your capabilities and your time.


Thursday, 13 August 2015 01:30

The Truffle and Wine Co

Thursday, 28 May 2015 07:03

Studio Lost and Found

We are a Perth-based brand consultancy that specialises in strategic brand development for the gourmet food and beverage industries. Our expertise includes: Brand Auditing, Market Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Website Design & Illustration

Tuesday, 19 May 2015 02:06

Paulett Wines

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